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Arnold render CPU speed benchmark

 This is an Arnold render benchmark to test your pc power! It is a pretty simple Maya render scene, you can simply download it and run one of the two files I created. One is a faster test (around 5 minutes on a pretty decent cpu), the other is way much heavy and slow. You can use this last one to also test the stability of your system. Take a look to the results at the bottom to compare your cpu speed.

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Arnold Vs Mental Ray: which is the best render engine for Maya?

Arnold vs Mental ray: render comparsion

Starting from Maya 2017 Arnold became one of the standard built-in render engines for Maya, replacing Mental Ray in its historical role. Anyway we can still download the latest Mental Ray release from the official Nvidia website. The question is: what is the best render engine for Maya 2017? Just take a look at Arnold VS Mental Ray for Maya, and make your pick!

TYPE: maya guide
CATEGORY:  Render Maya, Mental Ray, Arnold Render, Arnold vs Mental Ray

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Best laptop for 3d Rendering: a short guide

Best laptop for 3d Rendering: advice guide

I think it's far more important to have good skills than to have a super computer, anyway we need a good computer to make our job and the great news is that today we can buy a very well performing machine at reasonable price.

Pretty often my students or my younger colleagues ask me what computer to buy to make their job, so I decided to select 3 laptops for 3d rendering covering different budgets. I picked them from Amazon since it's present worldwide, but you are free to order the same laptops for rendering from other sources:

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V-Ray Vs Mental Ray: best render engine of 2017

V-Ray vs Mental ray: render comparison speed benchmark

The good old Mental Ray did some big steps toward modernization with the 2017 release. Now it has a more efficient IPR, a brand-new GI engine (GI Next) and a more user-friendly interface. On the other hand the render engine market is full of CPU and GPU alternatives to Mental Ray, but the oldest and most feared competitor is still V-Ray. Who wins the render engine battle V-Ray VS Mental Ray 2017?

TYPE: maya guide
CATEGORY:  Render Maya, Mental Ray, VRay Render, VRay vs Mental Ray

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VRay Vs Corona: interior render comparison

VRay Vs Corona: interior render comparison, test and speed benchmark

There's much attention around a pretty new render engine: Corona Render. A lot of  users are migrating from Vray to Corona render, due to its simplicity and a mixed biased/unbiased physically accurate render engine. In this article I'll show you an interior render Vray vs Corona comparison, are you ready to see the fight between these two contenders? 

TYPE: maya guide
CATEGORY:  Corona Render, VRay Render, VRay vs Corona

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