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I'm Antonio Bosi, a freelance 3d graphic artist interested in architectural visualization and photography, specialized in 3D Modeling and Rendering, currently living in Cortona (Arezzo), Italy. In these pages you'll find some of my works, some of my 3d models and some of my tutorials. I hope you'll enjoy these pages, leave a greeting and a comment if you like my works!
Maya tutorial: create carpet in Maya
Create Carpet Rug in Maya Tutorial

Maya has many powerful tools to create your own carpet / rug, you just need to choose the way you want to create it! In this maya carpet / rug creation tutorial we will see a simple and effective tecnique to build your own realistic carpet in Maya and Mental Ray using polygon modeling, mental ray proxies and simple mel scripting! Enjoy it

TYPE: Free maya tutorial
CATEGORY: Modeling, Render Maya, render Mental Ray

maya tutorial: create clouds in maya and mental ray render
Clouds in Mental Ray Physical Sun and Sky

In this Maya and Mental Ray tutorial we are going to take a look at an effective and quite simple technique to achieve realistic clouds in Mental Ray Physical Sun and Sky inside Maya. Adding clouds can greatly increase the appeal of your renders. If you want to do realistic exterior renders in Maya and Mental Ray you can't miss this article!

TYPE: Free maya render tutorial
CATEGORY: Maya render, Mental Ray Render

Maya Exterior render tutorial (Mental Ray)

Here we are going to see a very simple but effective technique to lit and render your exterior scenes using Maya and Mental Ray renderer. The Mental Ray built-in Sun and Sky system is one of the more powerful tool inside maya. Some people are tempted to think that it's something for noobs and starters... believe me it's not!

TYPE: Free maya render tutorial
CATEGORY: Maya exterior render, Mental Ray Exterior

Maya Mental Ray Proxies tutorial

Maya integrates one of the most important Mental Ray feature, that can make you render billions of polygons. It's an easy and very effective way to populate your Maya and Mental Ray scenes with thousands of objects like plants and trees without overload your system. Your CPU, your RAM and your girlfriend will thank you because of the time you can save with this trick!

TYPE: Free maya tutorial
CATEGORY: Render Maya tutorial, render Mental Ray tutorial

Realistic Bed in Maya tutorial

In this Maya tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic bed using Maya and Marvelous Designer, an external software which is great in cloth simulations and fashion design. Download Marvelous Design now to learn clothing techniques with its 30 days free trial version. Are you ready to learn amazing techniques combining this two great softwares?

TYPE: Free Maya tutorial, Marvelous designer tutorial
CATEGORY: Modeling, Cloth simulation

maya tutorial: distributed render in mental ray
Setup a Renderfarm in Mental Ray

Maya and Mental ray are one of the most used 3d graphic production platforms over the world. One of the reasons is their easy and very powerful multi-platform distributed rendering capabilies. Have you ever wonder to speed up you render speed by 2x 4x 8x and so on? Just follow my Mental Ray distributed rendering guide: maya render farm setup!

TYPE: Free maya tutorial
CATEGORY: Rendering Maya, Hardware, Mental Ray Render



Useful resources for professionals and students: books, 3d models, maya scripts.

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Render comparsion test: Arnold vs Mental Ray
Arnold vs Mental ray: render comparsion
Arnold Vs Mental Ray: which is the best render engine for Maya?

Starting from Maya 2017 Arnold became one of the standard built-in render engines for Maya, replacing Mental Ray in its historical role. Anyway we can still download the latest Mental Ray release from the official Nvidia website. The question is: what is the best render engine for Maya 2017? Just take a look at Arnold VS Mental Ray for Maya, and make your pick!

TYPE: maya guide
CATEGORY:  Render Maya, Mental Ray, Arnold Render, Arnold vs Mental Ray


Arnold vs Mental ray: render comparsion
V-Ray Vs Mental Ray: best render engine of 2017

The good old Mental Ray did some big steps toward modernization with the 2017 release. Now it has a more efficient IPR, a brand-new GI engine (GI Next) and a more user-friendly interface. On the other hand the render engine market is full of CPU and GPU alternatives to Mental Ray, but the oldest and most feared competitor is still V-Ray. Who wins the render engine battle V-Ray VS Mental Ray 2017?

TYPE: maya guide
CATEGORY:  Render Maya, Mental Ray, VRay Render, VRay vs Mental Ray


Arnold vs Mental ray: render comparison
VRay Vs Corona: interior render comparison

There's much attention around a pretty new render engine: Corona Render. A lot of  users are migrating from Vray to Corona render, due to its simplicity and a mixed biased/unbiased physically accurate render engine. In this article I'll show you an interior render Vray vs Corona comparison, are you ready to see the fight between these two contenders? 

TYPE: maya guide
CATEGORY:  Corona Render, VRay Render, VRay vs Corona